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Most homes are equipped with the traditional tank water heaters. Cold water coming into your home is stored in water heater tanks, then the water is heated by electricity.  When the water in the tank cools off, the electricity kicks in and heats it up again. This process of reheating can happen several times before there is a need for you to use the hot water.  This is a huge waste of money, and certainly not the most efficient method of heating water in your home. Solar Freedom can help! The beginning of any solar water heater installation is the Planning phase. This is when you’ll want to find a reliable, experienced professional who will help with the smaller details in choosing the system that best fits your needs. Solar Freedom provides free consultation to help you understand how the process works from end-to-end. We can install solar panels attached to a water heater or stand-alone units to make the sun work for you. Whether it is a large or small project, the savings realized will pay for the system within a few years of installation.

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